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Birthdate:Sep 4
Website:My account at the Pit of Voles (AKA Fanfiction.Net)
About me: I'm in my twenties, and I am an American. I'm a Pagan, and my political views tend to lean towards the liberal end of the spectrum. I'm proudly childfree and marriage free, and my greatest ambition in life is to have a horse farm. I'm a passionate animal lover and activist, pro-choice, and a staunch supporter of gay rights. I am currently owned by two cats, Autumn and Rumpleteazer. I'd love to expand my fur family in the future.

I am also somewhat of a geek. I adore videogames, namely, RPGS, and several animes. I'm something of an aspiring (read: wannabe) writer, who mainly sticks to fanfiction, but I would like to try my hand at original works sometime in the future. My interests are many and quite varied. That's me in a nutshell.

If you like what you see here, then feel free to friend me and drop a comment on my friends only post. I'll likely friend you back. I'd prefer that we have some things in common, though.


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The Animal Rescue Site

Ashe is kick ass warrior love

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Come join us at the sim of the century, Alacrity!

I am a member of Alacrity! If you'd like to join, click the banner! It's a lot of fun, and addicting! My number is 7653. Feel free to use me as a referral! :D

Zero gravity, what's it like?

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adult swim, advent children, all that remains, american gods, andalusian horses, animal shamanism, animal spirits, animal welfare, animals, anime, arch enemy, avatar: the last airbender, balthierxashe, bill maher, bleach, books, bullet for my valentine, californication, catherynne m. valente, chocobos, christopher moore, chrono crusade, cloudxtifa, common sense, cowboy bebop, creativity, crisis, crossovers, daria, darwinism, dave sedaris, dexter, disturbed, dragons, eastern philosophy, epica, ergo proxy, eternal love, fanfiction, final fantasy games, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, final fantasy xiii, final fantasy xiii:versus, foamy the squirrel, forbidden love, foxes, frank miller, friesian horses, game of thrones, gothic art, gunslinger girl, hayao miyazaki, hell girl, hellsing ultimate, horseback riding, horses, house m.d., intelligence, invader zim, japanese folklore, japanese language, jhonen vasquez, joseph vargo, kiba, killswitch engage, lacuna coil, latin, legends, liberalism, literature, loup garou, lyrics, mocking stupidity, mog, moogles, moribito:guardian of the spirit, music, mythology, neil gaiman, nightwish, nobuo uematsu, novels, okami, paganism, pans labyrinth, parody, philosophy, poetry, prince zuko, princess mononoke, psychology, quotes, ravens, raxephon, reading, redxiii, resident evil, resident evil 4, robot chicken, roses, rpgs, rukia, sandman, sarcasm, sephiroth, shadow of the colossus, shapeshifters, silent hill, sin city, snark, soundtracks, spirit guides, spirited away, spiritualism, squallxrinoa, star ocean, symphonic metal, tao te ching, tattoos, the crow, the last remnant, the tao of equus, tim burton, trinity blood, true blood, twilight princess, urban fantasy, v for vendetta, vampire lore, vampire novels, vampires, victoria frances, video games, videogames, vincent valentine, watchmen, weeds, werewolf lore, werewolves, white wolf, wicked jester, wisdom, witch hunter robin, within temptation, wolf's rain, wolves, writing, zidanexdagger, zukoxkatara, zutara
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